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Unbotify leverages behavioral biometrics data and machine learning models to provide a game changing bot detection solution. Bots carry out myriad malicious activities such as fake registrations, account takeover, ad-fraud, scraping and scalping. Our SaaS solution detects bots with unprecedented accuracy by analyzing hundreds of features extracted from data on mouse movements, keystroke dynamics, touch events and mobile device orientation sensors.
A New level of Accuracy
Unbotify catches even the most sophisticated fraudulent bots, with an extremely low false positives rate. We look at the data point that is the most difficult for machines to mimic – physical human movements.
Game Changing Technology
Unbotify’s propriety machine learning technology analyzes hundreds of behavioral biometrics features such as mouse speed, clicks and scrolls, keystroke timings, touch events and device orientation features to detect anomaly to a baseline of typical human interactions with websites or web apps.
Simple Integration
Our SaaS solution is deployed by inserting a simple JS tag on the page. This enables us to collect the data we require and continue the detection on our backend, without affecting page performance or user experience.
A New level of Accuracy
Game Changing Technology
Simple Integration

Our Solutions

Malicious bots are estimated to account for 30% of web traffic, causing tremendous damages to e-commerce sites. Bots use credential stuffing to hack into customers’ accounts and fake human-like engagement, clicks and conversion KPI’s to commit ad-fraud. They increase friction for users and hurt user experience by forcing sites to resort to CAPTCHA’s and by creating non-human traffic peaks and are also messing up A/B tests and ongoing optimization by skewing analytics data.
Malicious bots form an essential element in 95% of all cyber-attacks and are posing an ongoing threat to banks, payment services and other financial institutes. Bots hack into user accounts by automatically trying huge lists of stolen credentials. They are used in automated MitB attacks to upscale money transfers from compromised accounts. Bots are applied to generate layer 7 DDoS attacks, while using IP addresses from compromised IoT devices and domestic computers. Bots are used to scrape content from accounts for the sake of aggregation and are also hurting user experience by increasing the friction for users.
Digital Marketers
Digital Marketers
Malicious bots are draining marketing budgets of online marketers. Despite the widespread adoption of third party traffic verification vendors, studies show that the problem is only growing year over year. Bots fake human-like engagement, clicks and conversion KPI’s. They collect cookies to be retargeted to your site and fill out forms to generate fake leads in affiliate marketing. Bots increase friction for users and hurt user experience and on top of that they skew analytics data.
Unbotify, the behavioral biometrics bot detection startup, was named 2018 Gartner Cool Vendor in Advertising
"Unbotify was founded to disrupt the stagnant bot detection market. We've set out to stop sophisticated fraudulent bots and restore online trust and transparency,"
Yaron Oliker
CEO at Unbotify
Unbotify Features on Gartner's Hype Cycle Application Security, 2017
"Bot management is especially important to large B2C web applications where poor bot management can directly impact business outcome."
Jeremy D'Hoinne; Ramon Krikken
Research VP's
Unbotify Ranked 1st Among Israel's 10 Most Innovative Companies for 2017!
"If there's a single thread that runs through this year's list, it's the importance of focus."
Robert Safian
Editor, Fast Company
Unbotify won the 2017 Cyberstorm Competition at Cyberweek Tel Aviv
YL Ventures Announces Unbotify as The Winner of Cyberstorm Stratup Competition at Cyberweek 2017
YL Ventures
Israeli startup tracks behavior to outsmart hacker bots
"Having won Tel Aviv U competition, cybersecurity firm Unbotify battles automated bandits to keep data safe and the news real."
Micah Danney
Unbotify uses behavioral biometrics to dupe hacker bots
"Unbotify's product leverage behavioral biometrics - such as how long keys are pressed, how a mouse is moved and how a device is held - to determine whether the user is a living, breathing human being or simply a bot."
Justin Lee
Cool Startup: Unbotify
"...it is one of the very few pure-play bot mitigation companies that focus on thwarting the most advanced bot threats via behavioral biometrics and machine learning technologies."
Ernie Regalado
Bizety Founder

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