Ad-Fraud Mitigation

Unbotify arms marketing teams with a powerful tool to detect all bot activities on the various channels and save money wasted on fraudulent non-human traffic.
Why Do You Need Ad-Fraud Mitigation?

Bots fake human-like engagement, clicks and conversion KPI’s to defraud online campaigns. Bots are being retargeted to advertisers’ sites by collecting a cookie and getting into a retargeting user list and they also fill out registration forms, enabling fraudsters to cash out on fake leads in affiliate marketing or abuse various bonus and coupon promotions.

Why Unbotify?
Unbotify’s award winning solution helps websites understand if a visitor is a human user, or an automated software agent—a malicious bot. Leveraging behavioral biometrics data and machine learning to detect anomalies, Unbotify is the only bot detection solution which
catches the most sophisticated fraudulent bots.
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