Automated MitB Attacks Prevention

By detecting non-human interactions on transaction pages, Unbotify provides Banks with a highly effective tool to prevent automated Man in the Browser attacks.
Why Do You Need Automated MitB Attacks Prevention?

Increasingly more Man in the Browser attacks are combining an automated script (such as Gozi) that performs the actual money transfer to the mule account on an infected account/browser. This enables the criminals to significantly upscale their operations and get away with more money before the attack has been detected and mitigation policies have been effectively applied. One notorious example is theBanking Malware which is referred to as Goznym. Being unleashed in North America, this malware was able to steal millions of dollars within a very short period of time. Automation is an indispensable element in this kind of attacks.

Why Unbotify?
Why Unbotify?
Unbotify’s award winning solution helps websites understand if a visitor is a human user, or an automated software agent—a malicious bot. Leveraging behavioral biometrics data and machine learning to detect anomalies, Unbotify is the only bot detection solution which catches the most sophisticated fraudulent bots.
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