Clean Analytics

By cleaning analytics data from non-human traffic, Unbotify helps sites base business decisions and optimization tweaks on a clean set of human generated data, making sure they optimize for humans and not for bots.
Why do you need clean analytics?

Bots are skewing analytics data. They ruin A/B tests, by arbitrarily influencing traffic, click-through-rates, heat-maps and other metrics designed to analyze usability and improve performance. Non-human traffic, mixing with legitimate human visitors creates extra work for site owners and makes it difficult for them to optimize for humans.



Why Unbotify?
Why Unbotify?
Unbotify’s award winning solution helps websites understand if a visitor is a human user, or an automated software agent—a malicious bot. Leveraging behavioral biometrics data and machine learning to detect anomalies, Unbotify is the only bot detection solution which
catches the most sophisticated fraudulent bots.
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