Content Protection

By detecting bots that are crawling the sites pages to scrape prices, texts and images, Unbotify helps sites protect their content from being automatically copied by competitors and abusers.
Why Do You Need Content Protection?

Content scraping is a major issue for many sites, that invest substantial resources in creating and curating unique, high quality content to cater for human visitors and engage with them. Competitors oftens send bots to scrape product prices and availability in order to gain an unfair competitive advantage and optimize prices accordingly. Another practice involves scraping content from a site in order to subsequently display it without consent on a different platform in order to attract visitors. Banks suffer from account aggregation services and apps that scrape financial data from bank customers accounts, creating thus a security breach for the bank.

Why Unbotify?
Why Unbotify?
Unbotify’s award winning solution helps websites understand if a visitor is a human user, or an automated software agent—a malicious bot. Leveraging behavioral biometrics data and machine learning to detect anomalies, Unbotify is the only bot detection solution which catches the most sophisticated fraudulent bots.
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