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Unbotify is a Cyber + AI company providing an enterprise grade cyber first bot detection & prevention solution for web and mobile based on behavioral biometrics. We are a team of industry veterans with years of experience in cybersecurity and fraud prevention using machine learning and deep learning, solving fraud with a unique approach.


Current metadata and behavioral big data analysis methods have been compromised, where sophisticated bot developers readily exchange solutions that crack these methods. Furthermore, they will fake any KPI including retention and ROAS.

Built for scale: Android SDK (80KB), Client Payload (20KB), Bot Score returned in 200ms. Completely Transparent for Users, Sidesteps PII issues.


Unbotify takes a novel approach to bot detection. Through anadvanced analysis of real human interactions, sophisticated bots are exposed faster and are unable to impersonate as humans. Unbotify is raising the bar for cyber criminals far and above any current market solution.

There are many sensors in modern mobile devices providing a very granular stream ofdata. Unbotify’s patent pending Machine learning system can extract hundreds of features from the sensor data as well as the interplay between them This data point then becomes extremely hard for fraudsters to synthesize, especially as the models are trained on every specific flow and context.
This ground breaking approach of modeling human device interaction in a context aware manner is flipping the economics of mobile install fraud – for fraudsters, building an adversarial machine learning model that could mimic human-device interaction on a consistent basis, on a custom user-flow is not economical. It is an ROI negative campaign.


Unlock Real-Time User-Acquisition Mitigation. Shifting the fraud issue to the supply side.
Our solution works from day 1.

Save marketing

Avoid end of the month
refund chase

Clean remarketing
Protect landing
Improve UA performance: Stop sending bot induced signals to bidding algorithms

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